Columbia Business Times: The Rock that Built Us

“Just about everything you see built in Columbia — from the University of Missouri’s iconic columns and white campus to the fine brick homes on Broadway and buildings in between — came from the area’s quarries. At one time, Columbia had upward of 30 quarries and several brickworks. Today, all the brickyards are closed, and only three working quarries remain, none of which continue to produce building blocks…”

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Mertens Construction featured in marketing piece for Lippmann crushing equipment.

“Cutting labor and overtime is where we really save with our Lippmann crushing plant” says Mitch Mertens, Mertens Construction Co., Inc., Missouri. “We named our Lippmann 3048 Portable Jaw Plant the ‘The Kingfish’ after dad. It’s the dream machine he always wanted. It’s a tragedy he passed before he could see it run. The jaw is incredible. With its throw and nip angle, it’s like it creates a vacuum and sucks the rock down,” Mertens states…

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