Mid-Missouri Limestone, formerly Mertens Construction Company, Inc. has developed into its current business type and structure over a period of 55 years.  Mid-MO Limestone has background in numerous businesses, but is currently focused on the operation of limestone quarries.


Mertens Construction Company initially started in site grading, terracing of farms, custom harvesting, lake construction and similar dirt excavating projects.  The initial operations that eventually developed into the current corporation began in 1955.  Over the years, Mertens began expanding into construction of municipal infrastructure projects, highway construction, and the mining of refractory clay.  The entrance into the clay mining industry was the result of the acquisition of Bledsoe Mining, located in Mexico, MO.  The mining of clay, the construction of highways, and larger site grading projects were the primary focus of Mertens Construction Company until the late seventies.


In 1977 Mertens Construction Company, Inc. was presented an opportunity to operate a limestone quarry in southeast Callaway County.  Shortly after the assumption of operations, Mertens Construction Company was awarded a contract to supply limestone aggregate for the construction of the Union Electric Callaway Nuclear Plant.  This contract would be the catalyst for the future expansion into the limestone quarry industry.  Between 1977 and 2012 Mertens Construction Company, Inc. has acquired a total of 11 limestone quarries.  These quarries are located in Callaway, Franklin, Montgomery, Osage, Cole, Boone, Cooper and Pettis Counties.  The operation of these sites is by the parent corporation or by one of the wholly owned subsidiaries, Mid-Missouri Limestone, Inc. and Osage Quarries, Inc.


Mid-Missouri Limestone is now a proud part of the Con-Agg family of companies. Con-Agg Companies strives to provide high-quality products to customers in a variety of markets across a large part of Missouri and Arkansas, while contributing to our local economy. Mid-Missouri Limestone is still a Missouri owned and operated business and is always striving to provide the highest quality limestone aggregate for the most competitive price. We pride ourselves on our customer service – no project is too big or too small.